Life Solutions Advocates, Ltd  – Executive Summary and Investor’s Overview 2018

The Visionary Model – Life Solutions Advocates is exactly what the name suggests.

We advocate for people, to assist and guide them in discovering solutions to the challenges, goals and desires they may have in their lives.  We are a positive force for change and support with a special place in our hearts for those who share a vision to make things better.

As an Online Business, we have multiple channels in critical sectors and important timely topics. We are a flexible design and can add or adjust the content and products offered to serve the needs and wants of our global audience. Let’s start with 7 distinct channels. Users of one channel may be interested in the other topics and channels. The potential for cross-promotion is limitless.

Simply stated, our vision, personal mission, is to empower people with knowledge, products, resources and opportunities that can profoundly improve their life circumstances.

These are the sectors we will advocate. We are passionate about all channels individually and especially together in combination they become an irresistible resource for the global audience.

Online Business Education is a fast growing global service industry and major opportunity.

We have partnerships with some of the very best Business Education providers, globally.

Who wouldn’t want to earn an income online? A better question is who is interested in developing the knowledge and skills required to be successful in every aspect of life? Maybe it’s a new career? A new viewpoint? New professional friends? Real coaching?   The marketplace is global and the potential is unlimited.

LSA will make the introductions and become a conduit to many of the leading entrepreneurs, life and business coaches, and finance and investment professionals. People want and need to move forward in an era of pending retirement, under-employment and industry shifts.  We are here to help provide clear direction.

Health, Wellness and Nutritional Sciences have great prominence, priority and focus with us. Science. In a world saturated with powerful marketing campaigns for a never-ending variety of drugs, fitness regimes, diets and supplements, we provide only science based education and product recommendations. The audience will grow to consider us a trusted and reliable resource. We will lift the fog in many specific areas through our alliances with companies, individuals and scientific groups.

Science and the Truth about supplements and medicines empower our vision for this channel. We have good, well-established relationships, contacts, resources and providers and can move forward quickly to develop a wide offering. The audience is highly likely to purchase and participate. This is a multi-billion dollar business, as you know. Consumer patterns are shifting.              Online supplement sales are growing. Who do you trust? Science or TV ads?

Publishing is also part of the core and foundation of LSA. Read and connect with fabulous writers, authors and researchers and others who advocate for a better life and business. Wouldn’t anybody like to have access to the strategies for creating a happier, healthier life, Business opportunities? Mentorship for the asking. Absolutely.

Who isn’t concerned about health and wellness? Human relationships? Spiritual concerns? 
A lively, thoughtful blog encourages discussion, interviews and real conversations about the works we have scoured the world to find. Think Goodreads? Video, Voice and Print, of course.

Financial Services and Advisories can be very confusing. Is it solid advice or just promotion? We will recommend and support the former and warn the audience about the latter. There are more than a few brokers and strategists we know and follow and LSA will introduce the best of them to the audience.

Non-Profit Affairs. Spirituality and charitable works are common and powerful threads around the world. We will work with Non-Profit groups in areas such as fundraising, structure and expansion and introduce both traditional and contemporary dialogues.

The Blog should be thought provoking and fulfilling. Affirming and a positive exchange. Ideally, there will be productive discussion about the benefits and rewards of communities coming together. Working together, globally, will make everyone stronger in both faith and finances.

LSA will be a generous supporter of charitable and non-profit organizations.  We are committed to making a difference in this large, diverse and positive sector, globally.

Entertainment and Culture will absolutely produce a vibrant blog and information resource! Music, film, TV, literature and cultural trends and events will be covered in-depth by great writers and communicators. We may even toss in radio and other live broadcast channels. Consider us to be Digital Broadcasters and Entertaining Communicators. Video, voice, music and print. See the Director’s profile below. Think big. You wouldn’t believe who we know.

Cannabis Culture is still controversial for many people but what is undeniable is that change is occurring at break-neck speed and it is a massive industry in formation globally. Advances in medicinal cannabis are and will continue changing lives. We understand the sector and can explain it, based on science and medicine.

It is not our intention to enter into the “recreational” market directly at this time as legislation is still evolving even in jurisdictions that have legalized recreational use.

Even when the legislation is finalized, it is guaranteed to be a spirited debate amongst all of us whether we would or would not create another separate Specialty Channel just for Cannabis Culture, Products and Science. We see this working very well.  It’s working for Cheech and Chong and Snoop.

The Advocates (So far)

Stephen Brown, Founder, CEO and Interim President, considers Life Solutions Advocates and Online Business to be his fourth career. A journalist and broadcaster by background, Steve spent 20 years as News and Public Affairs Director of major market radio stations. He was a popular broadcaster and talk show host. When the industry changed, Steve set out into sales and marketing and evolved into a Business Development Consultant. Life Solutions Advocates is his opportunity to concentrate and apply the experience and contacts gained in his professional careers to LSA. Steve is a writer, communicator and coach.  His focus is on all 7 Channels. He is married (32 years) and has three adult sons and lives in Calgary, Canada.

Jaime WohlDirector, Culture and Entertainment is a graduate in Communications from Ithaca College, NY and quickly pursued a stellar career in Progressive FM Radio as a Music Director and on-air host. This experience evolved into Print and Television where she was recognized as one of the top Entertainment reporters in the industry. Music, Literature, Arts, Film and TV are her passions and she maintains an exceptional network of friends and colleagues in the Music, Arts and Entertainment industries. With encyclopaedic command of her specialties, the audience will simply be thrilled with the content of this channel and, as Director, she will co-ordinate with other talented professionals to broaden the appeal and respond to a very “lively” blog. Sirius and Spotify have no soul. We do.

James Smith – Chief Technology Officer – Director. With decades of experience in sales, marketing and a mastery of things technical, Jim is the ideal CTO. He understands the proper application of great technology to achieve real world results. Lead generation, conversion and team building are just some of his strengths. Of invaluable benefit to LSA is Jim’s knowledge of Health and Nutrition Science and he will be a major leader in our Nutritional Sciences channel. Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown sounds like a movie or book title but Jim and Steve have been close friends for decades or at least longer than either can recall.Mr. Smith lives in Los Angeles, California and is networked around the world.

Lawrie Paul Given – Director for Non-Profit Affairs. A lifetime of business experience has been evolved into his unyielding devotion and passion to Faith and charitable endeavors. Always wise counsel, Lawrie brings an unshakeable stability and guidance to the Board of Directors.This channel is very important to all of us. In the end, this may be the most impactful work that we do, changing lives with hands on. Lawrie has traveled to the other side of the earth for inspiring charitable and spiritual works. The audience will be very well served. Mr. Given lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where he is active in his community while being connected to leadership around the world.


The Path Ahead is truly exciting. LSA is very doable and should be self -funding and profitable within 6-8 months.

Seed Capital funding is underway with an expected approach to the public markets in 2019.


Use of Proceeds (Year One)

Compensation, Contractors                $250,000

Freelance                                            $ 50,000

Technical                                             $ 50,000

Marketing                                           $500,000

Legal, Accounting, Travel                   $ 50,000

Reserve                                               $ 100,000

Cash will be generally burned month to month.



Direct Sales, Ad Revenues, Commissions etc. cannot be accurately forecast today however we plan to be very profitable in Year One with exponential growth. $500,000 in advertising and marketing in year one will build a large subscriber and client base. Commissions will be earned on dozens of featured products and services. 20-33% commissions on all sales through our site is a reliable income stream. Of course, we do not handle any products ourselves.

We will use solo ads to target audiences, individual and commercial. We will test a number of marketing services to find the right provider of the desired audiences.

7 revenue channels, cross promoting each other.  Each driving its own database.

3/1 EBITA is the target.

For more information and to have your questions answered, please contact us at:

866-767-2561 (toll free North America) or 403-241-2826


Skype: sbnetworkinfo