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One of our favourite publishers is Kamal Patel from They regularly provide cutting edge reporting on health, wellness and especially supplements. As proof of their work, they have over 2500 professionals who buy their research digests.

Here’s a recent post.

Don’t fall for these sneaky tricks from the supplement industry

We’ve mentioned in previous lessons how supplement companies tell blatant lies and play on your fears, insecurities and deepest desires. Well sometimes they actually tell the truth… watsat you say?! (I made up that word… watsat). Sure, they tell the truth, they just conveniently leave out some VERY important details.

So this is how supplement companies can trick you:

  1. Supplement companies will often claim “Supplement X increases muscle tissue by 50%.” What they don’t tell you is that it increased muscle tissue… in rats! Raise your skeptics eyebrow like you just don’t care. If the studies aren’t done with humans…fogettaboutit.
  2. Then supplement companies will get even sneakier. They will claim something like “Supplement X increases muscle mass by 30% in humans.” Sure that is true… in petri dish tests! But in the real world, the human body is super complicated. Petri dish tests are called in vitro, and tests in living breathing humans are called in vivo. I know they sound very similar and are hard to remember, sorry about that. Don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger here.
  3. They’ll run their own studies or hire an outside lab to do it. I imagine the conversation goes something like this: “Hey desperate lab seeking funds to pay the bills… we’ll pay you a boatload of money to do a study on our supplements saying they’re awesome. You in? If not we’ll find another desperate lab to do it.” Nope, no conflict of interest there whatsoever… Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.

These are sneaky little tricks on par for the course with big budgeted supplement companies. So what can you do? Well to address the first two issues, always make sure that the claims were done using studies with human in vivo results. This is incredibly important. And for the third, see if you can find out how the study was funded. Don’t be afraid to ask the supplement company for any of this information. If they start dancing around the subject your red flag dancing shoes should start to go off.

Hope that helps.


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In a world saturated with powerful marketing campaigns for a never-ending variety of drugs, fitness regimes, diets and supplements, we provide only science based education and product recommendations. The audience will grow to consider us a trusted and reliable resource.

We will lift the fog in many specific areas through our alliances with companies, individuals, respected researchers and scientific groups.

This is a multi-billion dollar business, as you know. Consumer patterns are shifting. Online supplement sales are growing. Who do you trust? Science or TV ads?

Education is critical. We must focus on the science.

Our favorite resource for reliable and accurate reporting is a Los Angeles company, We recommend you visit their web site and register for their newsletter.

For Wellness Professionals and anyone for that matter, their reports and Digests are at the cutting edge of critical thinking and professional review.  

Life Solutions Advocates is gratefully in a position to be connected with a few select companies that we believe represent science based supplements and important new technologies. We encourage our viewers to carefully review these companies and their products.

Transparency:  Some of the products and companies we support have “Affiliate Marketing” components. This means that they encourage their customers to share their products and services with others. In return for new business, they offer compensation and an income opportunity. LSA believes that this is a marketing practice that is proven to generate sales for these companies and financial reward to the people who share the product with others. They are compliant with current law and regulations.

Our partner companies have been vetted and LSA is confident that these companies are transparent, honest and reliable providers.

The National Wellness Institute

The National Wellness Institute is a marvelous resource for wellness professionals and anyone committed to better health and a more successful life. Founded in 1977, NWI brings together information, research and education and we are pleased to support their work and make this introduction. Be sure to check out their schedules for online Wellness education and their certification programs.

Definition of Wellness

The term wellness has been applied in many ways. Although there might be different views on what wellness encompasses, the National Wellness Institute–along with the help of leaders in health and wellness–shared many interpretations and models of wellness.

Through this discussion, there appears to be general agreement that:

  • Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential
  • Wellness is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment
  • Wellness is positive and affirming

The definition of wellness, long used by the National Wellness Institute is consistent with these tenets. Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.