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Never confuse strength of pocketbook with moral strength.

Money doesn’t give you “character” – It simply provides you the freedom to be who you are with less restrictions.

Some people certainly let their negative traits more vividly come to the surface when they come into money. But think about it – are they really any different now? Or were they already jerks before? More than likely, money just gives them the opportunity to be more of one. Think of money as a spotlight that helps illuminate what is already there – just more brightly. 

Avoid These Words. Seriously.

I groaned when I saw the headline a few days ago in the National Post section of the Edmonton Journal. It read “Flooded-out rivers continue to threaten New Brunswick”.

Unnecessary words are now making their way into newspaper headlines, even though they’re supposed to be written by professionals. Wouldn’t the headline have been better and said the same thing if the word “out” was eliminated? I shouldn’t have been surprised. As the years go by, people use more needless words in their conversations and don’t realize it.

Hungry? Grab a Snickers … or a meta-analysis of 31 studies on carbs and mood

Kamal Patel –

If you’re just plain hungry, you can eat most anything and feel better through satiation.  But if you’re hangry, it means your mood is off, and you might want your food to provide a mood fix.

Enter carbohydrates, the macronutrient most people turn to.  Do they provide a mood boost?
Or do they cause fatigue?
How about in stressful situations versus non-stressful situations?

A recent meta-analysis of 31 randomized controlled trials tried to quantify the answer.

Here’s our analysis of that study: The myth of the sugar rush