The Path Ahead

The Path Ahead is truly exciting. LSA is very doable and should be self -funding and profitable within 6-8 months.

Seed Capital funding is underway with an expected approach to the public markets in 2019.


Use of Proceeds (Year One)

Compensation, Contractors                $250,000

Freelance                                                $ 50,000

Technical                                                $ 50,000

Marketing                                               $500,000

Legal, Accounting, Travel                   $ 50,000

Reserve                                                   $100,000

Cash will be generally burned month to month.


Direct Sales, Ad Revenues, Commissions etc. cannot be accurately forecast today however we plan to be very profitable in Year One with exponential growth. $500,000 in advertising and marketing in year one will build a large subscriber and client base. Commissions will be earned on dozens of featured products and services. 20-33% commissions on all sales through our site is a reliable income stream. Of course, we do not handle any products ourselves.

We will use solo ads to target audiences, individual and commercial. We will test a number of marketing services to find the right provider of the desired audiences.

7 revenue channels, cross promoting each other.  Each driving its own database.

3/1 EBITA is the target.